Pedro Delfino


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Using OpenWordnet-PT for Question Answering on Legal Domain
Pedro Delfino | Bruno Cuconato | Guilherme Paulino-Passos | Gerson Zaverucha | Alexandre Rademaker
Proceedings of the 9th Global Wordnet Conference

In order to practice a legal profession in Brazil, law graduates must be approved in the OAB national unified bar exam. For their topic coverage and national reach, the OAB exams provide an excellent benchmark for the performance of legal information systems, as it provides objective metrics and are challenging even for humans, as only 20% of its candidates are approved. After constructing a new data set on the exams and doing shallow experiments on it, we now employ the OpenWordnet-PT to verify whether using word senses and relations we can improve previous results. We discuss the results, possible future ideas and the additions to the OpenWordnet-PT that we made.