Peng Lin


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Automatic Marketing Theme and Commodity Construction System for E-commerce
Zhiping Wang | Peng Lin | Hainan Zhang | Hongshen Chen | Tianhao Li | Zhuoye Ding | Sulong Xu | Jinghe Hu
Proceedings of the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing: Industry Track

When consumers’ shopping needs are concentrated, they are more interested in the collection of commodities under the specific marketing theme. Therefore, mining marketing themes and their commodities collections can help customers save shopping costs and improve user clicks and purchases for recommendation system. However, the current system invites experts to write marketing themes and select the relevant commodities, which suffer from difficulty in mass production, poor timeliness and low online indicators. Therefore, we propose a automatic marketing theme and commodity construction system, which can not only generate popular marketing themes and select the relevant commodities automatically, but also improve the theme online effectiveness in the recommendation system. Specifically, we firstly utilize the pretrained language model to generate the marketing themes. And then, we utilize the theme-commodity consistency module to select the relevant commodities for the above generative theme. What’s more, we also build the indicator simulator to evaluate the effectiveness of the above generative theme. When the indicator is lower, the above selective commodities will be input into the theme-rewriter module to generate more efficient marketing themes. Finally, we utilize the human screening to control the system quality. Both the offline experiments and online A/B test demonstrate the superior performance of our proposed system compared with state-of-the-art methods.


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Automatic Scene-based Topic Channel Construction System for E-Commerce
Peng Lin | Yanyan Zou | Lingfei Wu | Mian Ma | Zhuoye Ding | Bo Long
Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing: Industry Track

Scene marketing that well demonstrates user interests within a certain scenario has proved effective for offline shopping. To conduct scene marketing for e-commerce platforms, this work presents a novel product form, scene-based topic channel which typically consists of a list of diverse products belonging to the same usage scenario and a topic title that describes the scenario with marketing words. As manual construction of channels is time-consuming due to billions of products as well as dynamic and diverse customers’ interests, it is necessary to leverage AI techniques to automatically construct channels for certain usage scenarios and even discover novel topics. To be specific, we first frame the channel construction task as a two-step problem, i.e., scene-based topic generation and product clustering, and propose an E-commerce Scene-based Topic Channel construction system (i.e., ESTC) to achieve automated production, consisting of scene-based topic generation model for the e-commerce domain, product clustering on the basis of topic similarity, as well as quality control based on automatic model filtering and human screening. Extensive offline experiments and online A/B test validates the effectiveness of such a novel product form as well as the proposed system. In addition, we also introduce the experience of deploying the proposed system on a real-world e-commerce recommendation platform.