Po-Wei Lin


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TREND: Trigger-Enhanced Relation-Extraction Network for Dialogues
Po-Wei Lin | Shang-Yu Su | Yun-Nung Chen
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

The goal of dialogue relation extraction (DRE) is to identify the relation between two entities in a given dialogue. During conversations, speakers may expose their relations to certain entities by explicit or implicit clues, such evidences called “triggers”. However, trigger annotations may not be always available for the target data, so it is challenging to leverage such information for enhancing the performance. Therefore, this paper proposes to learn how to identify triggers from the data with trigger annotations and then transfers the trigger-finding capability to other datasets for better performance. The experiments show that the proposed approach is capable of improving relation extraction performance of unseen relations and also demonstrate the transferability of our proposed trigger-finding model across different domains and datasets.