Prashant Jayannavar


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Learning to execute instructions in a Minecraft dialogue
Prashant Jayannavar | Anjali Narayan-Chen | Julia Hockenmaier
Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

The Minecraft Collaborative Building Task is a two-player game in which an Architect (A) instructs a Builder (B) to construct a target structure in a simulated Blocks World Environment. We define the subtask of predicting correct action sequences (block placements and removals) in a given game context, and show that capturing B’s past actions as well as B’s perspective leads to a significant improvement in performance on this challenging language understanding problem.


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Collaborative Dialogue in Minecraft
Anjali Narayan-Chen | Prashant Jayannavar | Julia Hockenmaier
Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

We wish to develop interactive agents that can communicate with humans to collaboratively solve tasks in grounded scenarios. Since computer games allow us to simulate such tasks without the need for physical robots, we define a Minecraft-based collaborative building task in which one player (A, the Architect) is shown a target structure and needs to instruct the other player (B, the Builder) to build this structure. Both players interact via a chat interface. A can observe B but cannot place blocks. We present the Minecraft Dialogue Corpus, a collection of 509 conversations and game logs. As a first step towards our goal of developing fully interactive agents for this task, we consider the subtask of Architect utterance generation, and show how challenging it is.


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Validating Literary Theories Using Automatic Social Network Extraction
Prashant Jayannavar | Apoorv Agarwal | Melody Ju | Owen Rambow
Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature