Qitong Wang


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HG2Vec: Improved Word Embeddings from Dictionary and Thesaurus Based Heterogeneous Graph
Qitong Wang | Mohammed J Zaki
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Learning word embeddings is an essential topic in natural language processing. Most existing works use a vast corpus as a primary source while training, but this requires massive time and space for data pre-processing and model training. We propose a new model, HG2Vec, that learns word embeddings utilizing only dictionaries and thesauri. Our model reaches the state-of-art on multiple word similarity and relatedness benchmarks. We demonstrate that dictionaries and thesauri are effective resources to learn word embeddings. In addition, we exploit a new context-focused loss that models transitive relationships between word pairs and balances the performance between similarity and relatedness benchmarks, yielding superior results.