Rabeya Rabu


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CUET-NLP@TamilNLP-ACL2022: Multi-Class Textual Emotion Detection from Social Media using Transformer
Nasehatul Mustakim | Rabeya Rabu | Golam Md. Mursalin | Eftekhar Hossain | Omar Sharif | Mohammed Moshiul Hoque
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages

Recently, emotion analysis has gained increased attention by NLP researchers due to its various applications in opinion mining, e-commerce, comprehensive search, healthcare, personalized recommendations and online education. Developing an intelligent emotion analysis model is challenging in resource-constrained languages like Tamil. Therefore a shared task is organized to identify the underlying emotion of a given comment expressed in the Tamil language. The paper presents our approach to classifying the textual emotion in Tamil into 11 classes: ambiguous, anger, anticipation, disgust, fear, joy, love, neutral, sadness, surprise and trust. We investigated various machine learning (LR, DT, MNB, SVM), deep learning (CNN, LSTM, BiLSTM) and transformer-based models (Multilingual-BERT, XLM-R). Results reveal that the XLM-R model outdoes all other models by acquiring the highest macro f1-score (0.33).