Ralf Kese


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Extended Spelling Correction for German
Ralf Kese | Friedrich Dudda | Gerhard Heyer | Marianne Kugler
Third Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

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Automatic Proofreading of Frozen Phrases in German
Ralf Kese | Friedrich Dudda | Marianne Kugler
COLING 1992 Volume 3: The 14th International Conference on Computational Linguistics


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The Translator’s Workbench: An Environment for Multi-Lingual Text Processing and Translation
Marianne Kugler | Gerd Heyer | Ralf Kese | Beate von Kleist-Retzow | Günter Winkelmann
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit III: Papers

The Translator’s Workbench provides the user with a set of computer-based tools for speeding up the translation process and facilitate multilingual text processing and technical writing. The tools include dictionaries, spelling, gram- mar, punctuation and style checkers, text pro- cessing utilities, remote access to a fully auto- matic machine translation system and to termi- nological data bases, an on-line termbank, and a translation memory in an integrated framework covering several European languages.


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Knowledge Representation and Semantics in a Complex Domain: The UNIX Natural Language Help System GOETHE
Gerhard Heyer | Ralf Kese | Frank Oemig | Friedrich Dudda
COLING 1990 Volume 3: Papers presented to the 13th International Conference on Computational Linguistics