Rami Younes


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Automatic Verbal Depiction of a Brick Assembly for a Robot Instructing Humans
Rami Younes | Gérard Bailly | Frederic Elisei | Damien Pellier
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue

Verbal and nonverbal communication skills are essential for human-robot interaction, in particular when the agents are involved in a shared task. We address the specific situation when the robot is the only agent knowing about the plan and the goal of the task and has to instruct the human partner. The case study is a brick assembly. We here describe a multi-layered verbal depictor whose semantic, syntactic and lexical settings have been collected and evaluated via crowdsourcing. One crowdsourced experiment involves a robot instructed pick-and-place task. We show that implicitly referring to achieved subgoals (stairs, pillows, etc) increases performance of human partners.