Rasmus Vaik


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New Polysemy Structures in Wordnets Induced by Vertical Polysemy
Ahti Lohk | Heili Orav | Kadri Vare | Francis Bond | Rasmus Vaik
Proceedings of the 10th Global Wordnet Conference

This paper aims to study auto-hyponymy and auto-troponymy relations (or vertical polysemy) in 11 wordnets uploaded into the new Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW) webpage. We investigate how vertical polysemy forms polysemy structures (or sense clusters) in semantic hierarchies of the wordnets. Our main results and discoveries are new polysemy structures that have not previously been associated with vertical polysemy, along with some inconsistencies of semantic relations analysis in the studied wordnets, which should not be there. In the case study, we turn attention to polysemy structures in the Estonian Wordnet (version 2.2.0), analyzing them and giving the lexicographers comments. In addition, we describe the detection algorithm of polysemy structures and an overview of the state of polysemy structures in 11 wordnets.