Reshma Unnikrishnan


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HaleLab_NITK@SMM4H’22: Adaptive Learning Model for Effective Detection, Extraction and Normalization of Adverse Drug Events from Social Media Data
Reshma Unnikrishnan | Sowmya Kamath S | Ananthanarayana V. S.
Proceedings of The Seventh Workshop on Social Media Mining for Health Applications, Workshop & Shared Task

This paper describes the techniques designed for detecting, extracting and normalizing adverse events from social data as part of the submission for the Shared task, Task 1-SMM4H’22. We present an adaptive learner mechanism for the foundation model to identify Adverse Drug Event (ADE) tweets. For the detected ADE tweets, a pipeline consisting of a pre-trained question-answering model followed by a fuzzy matching algorithm was leveraged for the span extraction and normalization tasks. The proposed method performed well at detecting ADE tweets, scoring an above-average F1 of 0.567 and 0.172 overlapping F1 for ADE normalization. The model’s performance for the ADE extraction task was lower, with an overlapping F1 of 0.435.