Richard Bartle


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Coreference Annotation of an Arabic Corpus using a Virtual World Game
Wateen Abdullah Aliady | Abdulrahman Aloraini | Christopher Madge | Juntao Yu | Richard Bartle | Massimo Poesio
Proceedings of the The Seventh Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop (WANLP)

Coreference resolution is a key aspect of text comprehension, but the size of the available coreference corpora for Arabic is limited in comparison to the size of the corpora for other languages. In this paper we present a Game-With-A-Purpose called Stroll with a Scroll created to collect from players coreference annotations for Arabic. The key contribution of this work is the embedding of the annotation task in a virtual world setting, as opposed to the puzzle-type games used in previously proposed Games-With-A-Purpose for coreference.


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Aggregation Driven Progression System for GWAPs
Osman Doruk Kicikoglu | Richard Bartle | Jon Chamberlain | Silviu Paun | Massimo Poesio
Workshop on Games and Natural Language Processing

As the uses of Games-With-A-Purpose (GWAPs) broadens, the systems that incorporate its usages have expanded in complexity. The types of annotations required within the NLP paradigm set such an example, where tasks can involve varying complexity of annotations. Assigning more complex tasks to more skilled players through a progression mechanism can achieve higher accuracy in the collected data while acting as a motivating factor that rewards the more skilled players. In this paper, we present the progression technique implemented in Wormingo , an NLP GWAP that currently includes two layers of task complexity. For the experiment, we have implemented four different progression scenarios on 192 players and compared the accuracy and engagement achieved with each scenario.