Roberto Busa


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The Annotation Guidelines of the Latin Dependency Treebank and Index Thomisticus Treebank: the Treatment of some specific Syntactic Constructions in Latin
David Bamman | Marco Passarotti | Roberto Busa | Gregory Crane
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'08)

The paper describes the treatment of some specific syntactic constructions in two treebanks of Latin according to a common set of annotation guidelines. Both projects work within the theoretical framework of Dependency Grammar, which has been demonstrated to be an especially appropriate framework for the representation of languages with a moderately free word order, where the linear order of constituents is broken up with elements of other constituents. The two projects are the first of their kind for Latin, so no prior established guidelines for syntactic annotation are available to rely on. The general model for the adopted style of representation is that used by the Prague Dependency Treebank, with departures arising from the Latin grammar of Pinkster, specifically in the traditional grammatical categories of the ablative absolute, the accusative + infinitive, and gerunds/gerundives. Sharing common annotation guidelines allows us to compare the datasets of the two treebanks for tasks such as mutually checking annotation consistency, diachronically studying specific syntactic constructions, and training statistical dependency parsers.