Robin Allesiardo


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On the Correlation of Word Embedding Evaluation Metrics
François Torregrossa | Vincent Claveau | Nihel Kooli | Guillaume Gravier | Robin Allesiardo
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Word embeddings intervene in a wide range of natural language processing tasks. These geometrical representations are easy to manipulate for automatic systems. Therefore, they quickly invaded all areas of language processing. While they surpass all predecessors, it is still not straightforward why and how they do so. In this article, we propose to investigate all kind of evaluation metrics on various datasets in order to discover how they correlate with each other. Those correlations lead to 1) a fast solution to select the best word embeddings among many others, 2) a new criterion that may improve the current state of static Euclidean word embeddings, and 3) a way to create a set of complementary datasets, i.e. each dataset quantifies a different aspect of word embeddings.