Roger V. P. Winder

Also published as: Roger V P Winder


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The Tembusu Treebank: An English Learner Treebank
Luís Morgado da Costa | Francis Bond | Roger V. P. Winder
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

This paper reports on the creation and development of the Tembusu Learner Treebank — an open treebank created from the NTU Corpus of Learner English, unique for incorporating mal-rules in the annotation of ungrammatical sentences. It describes the motivation and development of the treebank, as well as its exploitation to build a new parse-ranking model for the English Resource Grammar, designed to help improve the parse selection of ungrammatical sentences and diagnose these sentences through mal-rules. The corpus contains 25,000 sentences, of which 4,900 are treebanked. The paper concludes with an evaluation experiment that shows the usefulness of this new treebank in the tasks of grammatical error detection and diagnosis.


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Automated Writing Support Using Deep Linguistic Parsers
Luís Morgado da Costa | Roger V P Winder | Shu Yun Li | Benedict Christopher Lin Tzer Liang | Joseph Mackinnon | Francis Bond
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

This paper introduces a new web system that integrates English Grammatical Error Detection (GED) and course-specific stylistic guidelines to automatically review and provide feedback on student assignments. The system is being developed as a pedagogical tool for English Scientific Writing. It uses both general NLP methods and high precision parsers to check student assignments before they are submitted for grading. Instead of generalized error detection, our system aims to identify, with high precision, specific classes of problems that are known to be common among engineering students. Rather than correct the errors, our system generates constructive feedback to help students identify and correct them on their own. A preliminary evaluation of the system’s in-class performance has shown measurable improvements in the quality of student assignments.