Rohan Joseph


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NewsMet : A ‘do it all’ Dataset of Contemporary Metaphors in News Headlines
Rohan Joseph | Timothy Liu | Aik Beng Ng | Simon See | Sunny Rai
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: ACL 2023

Metaphors are highly creative constructs of human language that grow old and eventually die. Popular datasets used for metaphor processing tasks were constructed from dated source texts. In this paper, we propose NewsMet, a large high-quality contemporary dataset of news headlines hand-annotated with metaphorical verbs. The dataset comprises headlines from various sources including political, satirical, reliable and fake. Our dataset serves the purpose of evaluation for the tasks of metaphor interpretation and generation. The experiments reveal several insights and limitations of using LLMs to automate metaphor processing tasks as frequently seen in the recent literature. The dataset is publicly available for research purposes


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Identifying Human Needs through Social Media: A study on Indian cities during COVID-19
Sunny Rai | Rohan Joseph | Prakruti Singh Thakur | Mohammed Abdul Khaliq
Proceedings of the Tenth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media

In this paper, we present a minimally-supervised approach to identify human needs expressed in tweets. Taking inspiration from Frustration-Aggression theory, we trained RoBERTa model to classify tweets expressing frustration which serves as an indicator of unmet needs. Although the notion of frustration is highly subjective and complex, the findings support the use of pretrained language model in identifying tweets with unmet needs. Our study reveals the major causes behind feeling frustrated during the lockdown and the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Our proposed approach can be useful in timely identification and prioritization of emerging human needs in the event of a crisis.


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#covid is war and #vaccine is weapon? COVID-19 metaphors in India
Mohammed Khaliq | Rohan Joseph | Sunny Rai
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON)

Metaphors are creative cognitive constructs that are employed in everyday conversation to describe abstract concepts and feelings. Prevalent conceptual metaphors such as WAR, MONSTER, and DARKNESS in COVID-19 online discourse sparked a multi-faceted debate over their efficacy in communication, resultant psychological impact on listeners, and their appropriateness in social discourse. In this work, we investigate metaphors used in discussions around COVID-19 on Indian Twitter. We observe subtle transitions in metaphorical mappings as the pandemic progressed. Our experiments, however, didn’t indicate any affective impact of WAR metaphors on the COVID-19 discourse.