Roque Lopez Condori

Also published as: Roque López


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Measuring Frame Instance Relatedness
Valerio Basile | Roque Lopez Condori | Elena Cabrio
Proceedings of the Seventh Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics

Frame semantics is a well-established framework to represent the meaning of natural language in computational terms. In this work, we aim to propose a quantitative measure of relatedness between pairs of frame instances. We test our method on a dataset of sentence pairs, highlighting the correlation between our metric and human judgments of semantic similarity. Furthermore, we propose an application of our measure for clustering frame instances to extract prototypical knowledge from natural language.


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A Qualitative Analysis of a Corpus of Opinion Summaries based on Aspects
Roque López | Thiago Pardo | Lucas Avanço | Pedro Filho | Alessandro Bokan | Paula Cardoso | Márcio Dias | Fernando Nóbrega | Marco Cabezudo | Jackson Souza | Andressa Zacarias | Eloize Seno | Ariani Di Felippo
Proceedings of the 9th Linguistic Annotation Workshop