Rossana Damiano


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WikiBio: a Semantic Resource for the Intersectional Analysis of Biographical Events
Marco Antonio Stranisci | Rossana Damiano | Enrico Mensa | Viviana Patti | Daniele Radicioni | Tommaso Caselli
Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers)

Biographical event detection is a relevant task that allows for the exploration and comparison of the ways in which people’s lives are told and represented. This may support several real-life applications in digital humanities and in works aimed at exploring bias about minoritized groups. Despite that, there are no corpora and models specifically designed for this task. In this paper we fill this gap by presenting a new corpus annotated for biographical event detection. The corpus, which includes 20 Wikipedia biographies, was aligned with 5 existing corpora in order to train a model for the biographical event detection task. The model was able to detect all mentions of the target-entity in a biography with an F-score of 0.808 and the entity-related events with an F-score of 0.859. Finally, the model was used for performing an analysis of biases about women and non-Western people in Wikipedia biographies.


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APPReddit: a Corpus of Reddit Posts Annotated for Appraisal
Marco Antonio Stranisci | Simona Frenda | Eleonora Ceccaldi | Valerio Basile | Rossana Damiano | Viviana Patti
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Despite the large number of computational resources for emotion recognition, there is a lack of data sets relying on appraisal models. According to Appraisal theories, emotions are the outcome of a multi-dimensional evaluation of events. In this paper, we present APPReddit, the first corpus of non-experimental data annotated according to this theory. After describing its development, we compare our resource with enISEAR, a corpus of events created in an experimental setting and annotated for appraisal. Results show that the two corpora can be mapped notwithstanding different typologies of data and annotations schemes. A SVM model trained on APPReddit predicts four appraisal dimensions without significant loss. Merging both corpora in a single training set increases the prediction of 3 out of 4 dimensions. Such findings pave the way to a better performing classification model for appraisal prediction.

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Guidelines and a Corpus for Extracting Biographical Events
Marco Antonio Stranisci | Enrico Mensa | Rossana Damiano | Daniele Radicioni | Ousmane Diakite
Proceedings of the 18th Joint ACL - ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation within LREC2022

Despite biographies are widely spread within the Semantic Web, resources and approaches to automatically extract biographical events are limited. Such limitation reduces the amount of structured, machine-readable biographical information, especially about people belonging to underrepresented groups. Our work challenges this limitation by providing a set of guidelines for the semantic annotation of life events. The guidelines are designed to be interoperable with existing ISO-standards for semantic annotation: ISO-TimeML (SO-24617-1), and SemAF (ISO-24617-4). Guidelines were tested through an annotation task of Wikipedia biographies of underrepresented writers, namely authors born in non-Western countries, migrants, or belonging to ethnic minorities. 1,000 sentences were annotated by 4 annotators with an average Inter-Annotator Agreement of 0.825. The resulting corpus was mapped on OntoNotes. Such mapping allowed to to expand our corpus, showing that already existing resources may be exploited for the biographical event extraction task.


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Social Goals in Conversational Cooperation
Guido Boella | Rossana Damiano | Leonardo Lesmo
1st SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue