Rou Song


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Component Sharing in English and Chinese Clause Complex
Shili Ge | Xiaoping Lin | Rou Song
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop of Discourse Processing

NT Clause Complex Framework defines a clause complex as a combination of NT clauses through component sharing and logic-semantic relationship. This paper clarifies the existence of component sharing mechanism in both English and Chinese clause complexes, illustrates the differences in component sharing between the two languages, and introduces a formal annotation scheme to represent clause-complex level structural transformations. Under the guidance of the annotation scheme, the English-Chinese Clause Alignment Corpus is built. It is believed that this corpus will aid comparative linguistic studies, translation studies and machine translation studies by providing abundant formal and computable samples for English-Chinese structural transformations on the clause complex level.

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The Annotation Scheme of English-Chinese Clause Alignment Corpus
Shili Ge | Xiaopin Lin | Rou Song
Proceedings of the 19th Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics

A clause complex consists of clauses, which are connected by component sharing relations and logic-semantic relations. Hence, clause-complex level structural transformations in translation are concerned with the expression adjustment of these two types of relations. In this paper, a formal scheme for tagging structural transformations in English-Chinese translation is designed. The annotation scheme include 3 steps operated on two grammatical levels: parsing an English clause complex into constructs and assembling construct translations on the clause complex level; translating constructs independently on the clause level. The assembling step involves 2 operations: performing operation functions and inserting Chinese words. The corpus annotation shows that it is feasible to divide structural transformations in English-Chinese translation into 2 levels. The corpus, which unfolds formally the operations of clause-complex level structural transformations, would help to improve the end-to-end translation of complicated sentences.


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The Naming Sharing Structure and its Cognitive Meaning in Chinese and English
Shili Ge | Rou Song
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Semantics-Driven Machine Translation (SedMT 2016)


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COV Model and its Application in Chinese Part-of-Speech Tagging
Fukun Xing | Rou Song
Proceedings of the Third CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing


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On Generalized-Topic-Based Chinese Discourse Structure
Rou Song | Yuru Jiang | Jingyi Wang
CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing


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An Integrated Method for Chinese Unknown Word Extraction
Zhiyong Luo | Rou Song
Proceedings of the Third SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing


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基於詞彙語義的百科辭典知識提取實驗 (An Experiment on Knowledge Extraction from an Encyclopedia Based on Lexicon Semantics) [In Chinese]
Rou Song | Yong Xu
International Journal of Computational Linguistics & Chinese Language Processing, Volume 7, Number 2, August 2002: Special Issue on Computational Chinese Lexical Semantics