Rusbabh Karnavat


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Domain Adaptation of NMT models for English-Hindi Machine Translation Task : AdapMT Shared Task ICON 2020
Ramchandra Joshi | Rusbabh Karnavat | Kaustubh Jirapure | Raviraj Joshi
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON): Adap-MT 2020 Shared Task

Recent advancements in Neural Machine Translation (NMT) models have proved to produce a state of the art results on machine translation for low resource Indian languages. This paper describes the neural machine translation systems for the English-Hindi language presented in AdapMT Shared Task ICON 2020. The shared task aims to build a translation system for Indian languages in specific domains like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chemistry using a small in-domain parallel corpus. We evaluated the effectiveness of two popular NMT models i.e, LSTM, and Transformer architectures for the English-Hindi machine translation task based on BLEU scores. We train these models primarily using the out of domain data and employ simple domain adaptation techniques based on the characteristics of the in-domain dataset. The fine-tuning and mixed-domain data approaches are used for domain adaptation. The system achieved the second-highest score on chemistry and general domain En-Hi translation task and the third-highest score on the AI domain En-Hi translation task.