Ryan He


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Let’s Think Frame by Frame with VIP: A Video Infilling and Prediction Dataset for Evaluating Video Chain-of-Thought
Vaishnavi Himakunthala | Andy Ouyang | Daniel Rose | Ryan He | Alex Mei | Yujie Lu | Chinmay Sonar | Michael Saxon | William Wang
Proceedings of the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

Despite exciting recent results showing vision-language systems’ capacity to reason about images using natural language, their capacity for video reasoning remains underexplored. We motivate framing video reasoning as the sequential understanding of a small number of keyframes, thereby leveraging the power and robustness of vision-language while alleviating the computational complexities of processing videos. To evaluate this novel application, we introduce VIP, an inference-time challenge dataset designed to explore models’ reasoning capabilities through video chain-of-thought. Inspired by visually descriptive scene plays, we propose two formats for keyframe description: unstructured dense captions and structured scene descriptions that identify the focus, action, mood, objects, and setting (FAMOuS) of the keyframe. To evaluate video reasoning, we propose two tasks: Video Infilling and Video Prediction, which test abilities to generate multiple intermediate keyframes and predict future keyframes, respectively. We benchmark GPT-4, GPT-3, and VICUNA on VIP, demonstrate the performance gap in these complex video reasoning tasks, and encourage future work to prioritize language models for efficient and generalized video reasoning.