Ryan Knudson


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Integrating MT with Digital Collections for Multilingual Information Access
Jiangping Chen | Olajumoke Agozu | Wenqian Zhao | Cheng Chieh Lien | Ryan Knudson | Ying Zhang
Proceedings of the 10th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: Commercial MT User Program

This paper describes the role of machine translation (MT) for multilingual information access, a service that is desired by digital libraries that wish to provide cross-cultural access to their collections. To understand the performance of MT, we have developed HeMT: an integrated multilingual evaluation platform (http://txcdk-v10.unt.edu/HeMT/) to facilitate human evaluation of machine translation. The results of human evaluation using HeMT on three online MT services are reported. Challenges and benefits of crowdsourcing and collaboration based on our experience are discussed. Additionally, we present the analysis of the translation errors and propose Multi-engine MT strategies to improve translation performance.