Ryan Teehan


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Socratic Questioning of Novice Debuggers: A Benchmark Dataset and Preliminary Evaluations
Erfan Al-Hossami | Razvan Bunescu | Ryan Teehan | Laurel Powell | Khyati Mahajan | Mohsen Dorodchi
Proceedings of the 18th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications (BEA 2023)

Socratic questioning is a teaching strategy where the student is guided towards solving a problem on their own, instead of being given the solution directly. In this paper, we introduce a dataset of Socratic conversations where an instructor helps a novice programmer fix buggy solutions to simple computational problems. The dataset is then used for benchmarking the Socratic debugging abilities of GPT-based language models. While GPT-4 is observed to perform much better than GPT-3.5, its precision, and recall still fall short of human expert abilities, motivating further work in this area.


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Emergent Structures and Training Dynamics in Large Language Models
Ryan Teehan | Miruna Clinciu | Oleg Serikov | Eliza Szczechla | Natasha Seelam | Shachar Mirkin | Aaron Gokaslan
Proceedings of BigScience Episode #5 -- Workshop on Challenges & Perspectives in Creating Large Language Models

Large language models have achieved success on a number of downstream tasks, particularly in a few and zero-shot manner. As a consequence, researchers have been investigating both the kind of information these networks learn and how such information can be encoded in the parameters of the model. We survey the literature on changes in the network during training, drawing from work outside of NLP when necessary, and on learned representations of linguistic features in large language models. We note in particular the lack of sufficient research on the emergence of functional units, subsections of the network where related functions are grouped or organised, within large language models and motivate future work that grounds the study of language models in an analysis of their changing internal structure during training time.