Ryohei Shimizu


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Plug-and-Play Controller for Story Completion: A Pilot Study toward Emotion-aware Story Writing Assistance
Yusuke Mori | Hiroaki Yamane | Ryohei Shimizu | Tatsuya Harada
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Intelligent and Interactive Writing Assistants (In2Writing 2022)

Emotions are essential for storytelling and narrative generation, and as such, the relationship between stories and emotions has been extensively studied. The authors of this paper, including a professional novelist, have examined the use of natural language processing to address the problems of novelists from the perspective of practical creative writing. In particular, the story completion task, which requires understanding the existing unfinished context, was studied from the perspective of creative support for human writers, to generate appropriate content to complete the unfinished parts. It was found that unsupervised pre-trained large neural models of the sequence-to-sequence type are useful for this task. Furthermore, based on the plug-and-play module for controllable text generation using GPT-2, an additional module was implemented to consider emotions. Although this is a preliminary study, and the results leave room for improvement before incorporating the model into a practical system, this effort is an important step in complementing the emotional trajectory of the story.