Saehoon Kim


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Efficient Multilingual Multi-modal Pre-training through Triple Contrastive Loss
Youhan Lee | KyungTae Lim | Woonhyuk Baek | Byungseok Roh | Saehoon Kim
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Learning visual and textual representations in the shared space from web-scale image-text pairs improves the performance of diverse vision-and-language tasks, as well as modality-specific tasks. Many attempts in this framework have been made to connect English-only texts and images, and only a few works have been proposed to extend this framework in multilingual settings with the help of many translation pairs. In this multilingual approach, a typical setup is to use pairs of (image and English-text) and translation pairs. The major limitation of this approach is that the learning signal of aligning visual representation with under-resourced language representation is not strong, achieving a sub-optimal performance of vision-and-language tasks. In this work, we propose a simple yet effective enhancement scheme for previous multilingual multi-modal representation methods by using a limited number of pairs of images and non-English texts. In specific, our scheme fine-tunes a pre-trained multilingual model by minimizing a triplet contrastive loss on triplets of image and two different language texts with the same meaning, improving the connection between images and non-English texts. Experiments confirm that our enhancement strategy achieves performance gains in image-text retrieval, zero-shot image classification, and sentence embedding tasks.