Safa Boudhina


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A Rule-Based System for Disambiguating French Locative Verbs and Their Translation into Arabic
Safa Boudhina | Héla Fehri
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Linguistic Resources for Natural Language Processing

This paper presents a rule-based system for disambiguating frensh locative verbs and their translation to Arabic language. The disambiguation phase is based on the use of the French Verb dictionary (LVF) of Dubois and Dubois Charlier as a linguistic resource, from which a base of disambiguation rules is extracted. The extracted rules thus take the form of transducers which will be subsequently applied to texts. The translation phase consists in translating the disambiguated locative verbs returned by the disambiguation phase. The translation takes into account the verb’s tense used as well as the inflected form of the verb. This phase is based on bilingual dictionaries that contain the different French locative verbs and their translation into the Arabic language. The experimentation and the evaluation are done in the linguistic platform NooJ. The obtained results are satisfactory.