Sahil Khose


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Transformer based ensemble for emotion detection
Aditya Kane | Shantanu Patankar | Sahil Khose | Neeraja Kirtane
Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment & Social Media Analysis

Detecting emotions in languages is important to accomplish a complete interaction between humans and machines. This paper describes our contribution to the WASSA 2022 shared task which handles this crucial task of emotion detection. We have to identify the following emotions: sadness, surprise, neutral, anger, fear, disgust, joy based on a given essay text. We are using an ensemble of ELECTRA and BERT models to tackle this problem achieving an F1 score of 62.76%. Our codebase ( and our WandB project ( is publicly available.


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BERT based Transformers lead the way in Extraction of Health Information from Social Media
Sidharth Ramesh | Abhiraj Tiwari | Parthivi Choubey | Saisha Kashyap | Sahil Khose | Kumud Lakara | Nishesh Singh | Ujjwal Verma
Proceedings of the Sixth Social Media Mining for Health (#SMM4H) Workshop and Shared Task

This paper describes our submissions for the Social Media Mining for Health (SMM4H) 2021 shared tasks. We participated in 2 tasks: (1) Classification, extraction and normalization of adverse drug effect (ADE) mentions in English tweets (Task-1) and (2) Classification of COVID-19 tweets containing symptoms (Task-6). Our approach for the first task uses the language representation model RoBERTa with a binary classification head. For the second task, we use BERTweet, based on RoBERTa. Fine-tuning is performed on the pre-trained models for both tasks. The models are placed on top of a custom domain-specific pre-processing pipeline. Our system ranked first among all the submissions for subtask-1(a) with an F1-score of 61%. For subtask-1(b), our system obtained an F1-score of 50% with improvements up to +8% F1 over the median score across all submissions. The BERTweet model achieved an F1 score of 94% on SMM4H 2021 Task-6.