Samir Abdaljalil


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ArAIEval Shared Task: Persuasion Techniques and Disinformation Detection in Arabic Text
Maram Hasanain | Firoj Alam | Hamdy Mubarak | Samir Abdaljalil | Wajdi Zaghouani | Preslav Nakov | Giovanni Da San Martino | Abed Freihat
Proceedings of ArabicNLP 2023

We present an overview of the ArAIEval shared task, organized as part of the first ArabicNLP 2023 conference co-located with EMNLP 2023. ArAIEval offers two tasks over Arabic text: (1) persuasion technique detection, focusing on identifying persuasion techniques in tweets and news articles, and (2) disinformation detection in binary and multiclass setups over tweets. A total of 20 teams participated in the final evaluation phase, with 14 and 16 teams participating in Task 1 and Task 2, respectively. Across both tasks, we observe that fine-tuning transformer models such as AraBERT is the core of majority of participating systems. We provide a description of the task setup, including description of datasets construction and the evaluation setup. We also provide a brief overview of the participating systems. All datasets and evaluation scripts from the shared task are released to the research community. We hope this will enable further research on such important tasks within the Arabic NLP community.


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An Exploration of Automatic Text Summarization of Financial Reports
Samir Abdaljalil | Houda Bouamor
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing