Sandor Maurice


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WikiBABEL: A System for Multilingual Wikipedia Content
A. Kumaran | Naren Datha | B. Ashok | K. Saravanan | Anil Ande | Ashwani Sharma | Sridhar Vedantham | Vidya Natampally | Vikram Dendi | Sandor Maurice
Proceedings of the Workshop on Collaborative Translation: technology, crowdsourcing, and the translator perspective

This position paper outlines our project – WikiBABEL – which will be released as an open source project for the creation of multilingual Wikipedia content, and has potential to produce parallel data as a by-product for Machine Translation systems research. We discuss its architecture, functionality and the user-experience components, and briefly present an analysis that emphasizes the resonance that the WikiBABEL design and the planned involvement with Wikipedia has with the open source communities in general and Wikipedians in particular.