Sándor Szeverényi


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Languagesindanger.eu - Including Multimedia Language Resources to disseminate Knowledge and Create Educational Material on less-Resourced Languages
Dagmar Jung | Katarzyna Klessa | Zsuzsa Duray | Beatrix Oszkó | Mária Sipos | Sándor Szeverényi | Zsuzsa Várnai | Paul Trilsbeek | Tamás Váradi
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)

The present paper describes the development of the languagesindanger.eu interactive website as an example of including multimedia language resources to disseminate knowledge and create educational material on less-resourced languages. The website is a product of INNET (Innovative networking in infrastructure for endangered languages), European FP7 project. Its main functions can be summarized as related to the three following areas: (1) raising students’ awareness of language endangerment and arouse their interest in linguistic diversity, language maintenance and language documentation; (2) informing both students and teachers about these topics and show ways how they can enlarge their knowledge further with a special emphasis on information about language archives; (3) helping teachers include these topics into their classes. The website has been localized into five language versions with the intention to be accessible to both scientific and non-scientific communities such as (primarily) secondary school teachers and students, beginning university students of linguistics, journalists, the interested public, and also members of speech communities who speak minority languages.