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Morphologically Annotated Corpora for Seven Arabic Dialects: Taizi, Sanaani, Najdi, Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi and Moroccan
Faisal Alshargi | Shahd Dibas | Sakhar Alkhereyf | Reem Faraj | Basmah Abdulkareem | Sane Yagi | Ouafaa Kacha | Nizar Habash | Owen Rambow
Proceedings of the Fourth Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop

We present a collection of morphologically annotated corpora for seven Arabic dialects: Taizi Yemeni, Sanaani Yemeni, Najdi, Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi and Moroccan Arabic. The corpora collectively cover over 200,000 words, and are all manually annotated in a common set of standards for orthography, diacritized lemmas, tokenization, morphological units and English glosses. These corpora will be publicly available to serve as benchmarks for training and evaluating systems for Arabic dialect morphological analysis and disambiguation.

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Construction and Annotation of the Jordan Comprehensive Contemporary Arabic Corpus (JCCA)
Majdi Sawalha | Faisal Alshargi | Abdallah AlShdaifat | Sane Yagi | Mohammad A. Qudah
Proceedings of the Fourth Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop

To compile a modern dictionary that catalogues the words in currency, and to study linguistic patterns in the contemporary language, it is necessary to have a corpus of authentic texts that reflect current usage of the language. Although there are numerous Arabic corpora, none claims to be representative of the language in terms of the combination of geographical region, genre, subject matter, mode, and medium. This paper describes a 100-million-word corpus that takes the British National Corpus (BNC) as a model. The aim of the corpus is to be balanced, annotated, comprehensive, and representative of contemporary Arabic as written and spoken in Arab countries today. It will be different from most others in not being heavily-dominated by the news or in mixing the classical with the modern. In this paper is an outline of the methodology adopted for the design, construction, and annotation of this corpus. DIWAN (Alshargi and Rambow, 2015) was used to annotate a one-million-word snapshot of the corpus. DIWAN is a dialectal word annotation tool, but we upgraded it by adding a new tag-set that is based on traditional Arabic grammar and by adding the roots and morphological patterns of nouns and verbs. Moreover, the corpus we constructed covers the major spoken varieties of Arabic.


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Systematic Verb Stem Generation for Arabic
Jim Yaghi | Sane Yagi
Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages


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T-code compression for Arabic computational morphology
Jim Yaghi | Mark R. Titchener | Sane Yagi
Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2003