Santhiya Pandiyan


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Overview of the shared task on Fake News Detection from Social Media Text
Malliga S | Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi | Kogilavani S V | Santhiya Pandiyan | Prasanna Kumar Kumaresan | Balasubramanian Palani | Muskaan Singh
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages

This document contains the instructions for preparing a manuscript for the proceedings of RANLP 2023. The document itself conforms to its own specifications and is therefore an example of what your manuscript should look like. These instructions should be used for both papers submitted for review and for final versions of accepted papers. Authors are asked to conform to all the directions reported in this document.


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Findings of the Shared Task on Emotion Analysis in Tamil
Anbukkarasi Sampath | Thenmozhi Durairaj | Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi | Ruba Priyadharshini | Subalalitha Cn | Kogilavani Shanmugavadivel | Sajeetha Thavareesan | Sathiyaraj Thangasamy | Parameswari Krishnamurthy | Adeep Hande | Sean Benhur | Kishore Ponnusamy | Santhiya Pandiyan
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages

This paper presents the overview of the shared task on emotional analysis in Tamil. The result of the shared task is presented at the workshop. This paper presents the dataset used in the shared task, task description, and the methodology used by the participants and the evaluation results of the submission. This task is organized as two Tasks. Task A is carried with 11 emotions annotated data for social media comments in Tamil and Task B is organized with 31 fine-grained emotion annotated data for social media comments in Tamil. For conducting experiments, training and development datasets were provided to the participants and results are evaluated for the unseen data. Totally we have received around 24 submissions from 13 teams. For evaluating the models, Precision, Recall, micro average metrics are used.