Saraswati Sahoo


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Universal Dependency Treebank for Odia Language
Shantipriya Parida | Kalyanamalini Shabadi | Atul Kr. Ojha | Saraswati Sahoo | Satya Ranjan Dash | Bijayalaxmi Dash
Proceedings of the WILDRE-6 Workshop within the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

This paper presents the first publicly available treebank of Odia, a morphologically rich low resource Indian language. The treebank contains approx. 1082 tokens (100 sentences) in Odia were selected from “Samantar”, the largest available parallel corpora collection for Indic languages. All the selected sentences are manually annotated following the “Universal Dependency” guidelines. The morphological analysis of the Odia treebank was performed using machine learning techniques. The Odia annotated treebank will enrich the Odia language resource and will help in building language technology tools for cross-lingual learning and typological research. We also build a preliminary Odia parser using a machine learning approach. The accuracy of the parser is 86.6% Tokenization, 64.1% UPOS, 63.78% XPOS, 42.04% UAS and 21.34% LAS. Finally, the paper briefly discusses the linguistic analysis of the Odia UD treebank.