Sebastião Pais


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TELP – Text Extraction with Linguistic Patterns
João Cordeiro | Purificação Moura Silvano | António Leal | Sebastião Pais
Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Under-resourced Languages @ LREC-COLING 2024

Linguistic studies in under-resourced languages pose additional challenges at various levels, including the automatic collection of examples, cases, and corpora construction. Several sophisticated applications, such as GATE (Cunningham, 2002), can be configured/adjusted/programmed by experts to automatically collect examples from the Web in any language. However, these applications are too complex and intricate to be operated, requiring, in some cases, skills in computer science. In this work, we present TELP, a tool that allows for the simplified expression of linguistic patterns to extract case studies automatically from World Wide Web sites. It is a straightforward application with an intuitive GUI and a quick learning curve, facilitating its broad use by researchers from different domains. In this paper, we describe the operational and technical aspects of TELP and some relatively recent and relevant use cases in the field of linguistic studies.


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DRIPPS: a Corpus with Discourse Relations in Perfect Participial Sentences
Purificação Silvano | João Cordeiro | António Leal | Sebastião Pais
Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge