Selen Parlar


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Creating Domain Dependent Turkish WordNet and SentiNet
Bilge Nas Arıcan | Merve Özçelik | Deniz Baran Aslan | Elif Sarmış | Selen Parlar | Olcay Taner Yıldız
Proceedings of the 11th Global Wordnet Conference

A WordNet is a thesaurus that has a structured list of words organized depending on their meanings. WordNet represents word senses, all meanings a single lemma may have, the relations between these senses, and their definitions. Another study within the domain of Natural Language Processing is sentiment analysis. With sentiment analysis, data sets can be scored according to the emotion they contain. In the sentiment analysis we did with the data we received on the Tourism WordNet, we performed a domain-specific sentiment analysis study by annotating the data. In this paper, we propose a method to facilitate Natural Language Processing tasks such as sentiment analysis performed in specific domains via creating a specific-domain subset of an original Turkish dictionary. As the preliminary study, we have created a WordNet for the tourism domain with 14,000 words and validated it on simple tasks.