Seongho Choi


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Language-agnostic Semantic Consistent Text-to-Image Generation
SeongJun Jung | Woo Suk Choi | Seongho Choi | Byoung-Tak Zhang
Proceedings of the Workshop on Multilingual Multimodal Learning

Recent GAN-based text-to-image generation models have advanced that they can generate photo-realistic images matching semantically with descriptions. However, research on multi-lingual text-to-image generation has not been carried out yet much. There are two problems when constructing a multilingual text-to-image generation model: 1) language imbalance issue in text-to-image paired datasets and 2) generating images that have the same meaning but are semantically inconsistent with each other in texts expressed in different languages. To this end, we propose a Language-agnostic Semantic Consistent Generative Adversarial Network (LaSC-GAN) for text-to-image generation, which can generate semantically consistent images via language-agnostic text encoder and Siamese mechanism. Experiments on relatively low-resource language text-image datasets show that the model has comparable generation quality as images generated by high-resource language text, and generates semantically consistent images for texts with the same meaning even in different languages.