Shaojun Yu


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SPLIT: Stance and Persuasion Prediction with Multi-modal on Image and Textual Information
Jing Zhang | Shaojun Yu | Xuan Li | Jia Geng | Zhiyuan Zheng | Joyce Ho
Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Argument Mining

Persuasiveness is a prominent personality trait that measures the extent to which a speaker can impact the beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, and actions of their audience. The ImageArg task is a featured challenge at the 10th ArgMining Workshop during EMNLP 2023, focusing on harnessing the potential of the ImageArg dataset to advance techniques in multimodal persuasion. In this study, we investigate the utilization of dual-modality datasets and evaluate three distinct multi-modality models. By enhancing multi-modality datasets, we demonstrate both the advantages and constraints of cutting-edge models.