ShengLi Yan


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Coherent Comments Generation for Chinese Articles with a Graph-to-Sequence Model
Wei Li | Jingjing Xu | Yancheng He | ShengLi Yan | Yunfang Wu | Xu Sun
Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Automatic article commenting is helpful in encouraging user engagement on online news platforms. However, the news documents are usually too long for models under traditional encoder-decoder frameworks, which often results in general and irrelevant comments. In this paper, we propose to generate comments with a graph-to-sequence model that models the input news as a topic interaction graph. By organizing the article into graph structure, our model can better understand the internal structure of the article and the connection between topics, which makes it better able to generate coherent and informative comments. We collect and release a large scale news-comment corpus from a popular Chinese online news platform Tencent Kuaibao. Extensive experiment results show that our model can generate much more coherent and informative comments compared with several strong baseline models.