Shiu-Chang Loh

Also published as: Shiu-chang Loh


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A new dictionary structure for bi-directional MT system
Shiu-chang Loh | Luan Kong | Hing-sum Hung
Proceedings of the International Conference on Methodology and Techniques of Machine Translation: Processing from words to language

The importance and structure of MT-dictionary were discussed extensively by many researchers in machine, translation in the past. These structures were mainly concerned with MT-dictionaries for one-way translation systems. In the present paper, a new dictionary structure for bi-directional machine translation is being introduced. The new structure is being tested for Chinese-English as well as English-Chinese machine translation.


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An interactive on-line machine translation system (Chinese into English)
Shiu-Chang Loh | Luan Kong
Translating and the Computer


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CULT, Chinese University Language Translator
Shiu-Chang Loh
Foreign Broadcast Information Service Seminar on Machine Translation