Shivansh Subramanian


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Towards Capturing Changes in Mood and Identifying Suicidality Risk
Sravani Boinepelli | Shivansh Subramanian | Abhijeeth Singam | Tathagata Raha | Vasudeva Varma
Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology

This paper describes our systems for CLPsych?s 2022 Shared Task. Subtask A involves capturing moments of change in an individual?s mood over time, while Subtask B asked us to identify the suicidality risk of a user. We explore multiple machine learning and deep learning methods for the same, taking real-life applicability into account while considering the design of the architecture. Our team achieved top results in different categories for both subtasks. Task A was evaluated on a post-level (using macro averaged F1) and on a window-based timeline level (using macro-averaged precision and recall). We scored a post-level F1 of 0.520 and ranked second with a timeline-level recall of 0.646. Task B was a user-level task where we also came in second with a micro F1 of 0.520 and scored third place on the leaderboard with a macro F1 of 0.380.