Shravan Vasishth


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Modeling Sentence Comprehension Deficits in Aphasia: A Computational Evaluation of the Direct-access Model of Retrieval
Paula Lissón | Dorothea Pregla | Dario Paape | Frank Burchert | Nicole Stadie | Shravan Vasishth
Proceedings of the Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics

Several researchers have argued that sentence comprehension is mediated via a content-addressable retrieval mechanism that allows fast and direct access to memory items. Initially failed retrievals can result in backtracking, which leads to correct retrieval. We present an augmented version of the direct-access model that allows backtracking to fail. Based on self-paced listening data from individuals with aphasia, we compare the augmented model to the base model without backtracking failures. The augmented model shows quantitatively similar performance to the base model, but only the augmented model can account for slow incorrect responses. We argue that the modified direct-access model is theoretically better suited to fit data from impaired populations.


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Non-projectivity and processing constraints: Insights from Hindi
Samar Husain | Shravan Vasishth
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (Depling 2015)


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Introduction: Cognitive Issues in Natural Language Processing
Thierry Poibeau | Shravan Vasishth
Traitement Automatique des Langues, Volume 55, Numéro 3 : Traitement automatique du langage naturel et sciences cognitives [Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Sciences]


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Towards a Psycholinguistically Motivated Dependency Grammar for Hindi
Samar Husain | Rajesh Bhatt | Shravan Vasishth
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (DepLing 2013)


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Scanpaths in reading are informative about sentence processing
Titus von der Malsburg | Shravan Vasishth | Reinhold Kliegl
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Eye-tracking and Natural Language Processing


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Surprising Parser Actions and Reading Difficulty
Marisa Ferrara Boston | John T. Hale | Reinhold Kliegl | Shravan Vasishth
Proceedings of ACL-08: HLT, Short Papers


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Modeling Sentence Processing in ACT-R
Shravan Vasishth | Richard L. Lewis
Proceedings of the Workshop on Incremental Parsing: Bringing Engineering and Cognition Together