Silpa Vadakkeeveetil Sreelatha


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Understanding Advertisements with BERT
Kanika Kalra | Bhargav Kurma | Silpa Vadakkeeveetil Sreelatha | Manasi Patwardhan | Shirish Karande
Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

We consider a task based on CVPR 2018 challenge dataset on advertisement (Ad) understanding. The task involves detecting the viewer’s interpretation of an Ad image captured as text. Recent results have shown that the embedded scene-text in the image holds a vital cue for this task. Motivated by this, we fine-tune the base BERT model for a sentence-pair classification task. Despite utilizing the scene-text as the only source of visual information, we could achieve a hit-or-miss accuracy of 84.95% on the challenge test data. To enable BERT to process other visual information, we append image captions to the scene-text. This achieves an accuracy of 89.69%, which is an improvement of 4.7%. This is the best reported result for this task.