Simon Masloch


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GerEO: A Large-Scale Resource on the Syntactic Distribution of German Experiencer-Object Verbs
Johanna M. Poppek | Simon Masloch | Tibor Kiss
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Although studied for several decades, the syntactic properties of experiencer-object (EO) verbs are still under discussion, while most analyses are not supported by substantial corpus data. With GerEO, we intend to fill this lacuna for German EO-verbs by presenting a large-scale database of more than 10,000 examples for 64 verbs (up to 200 per verb) from a newspaper corpus annotated for several syntactic and semantic features relevant for their analysis, including the overall syntactic construction, the semantic stimulus type, and the form of a possible stimulus preposition, i.e. a preposition heading a PP that indicates (a part/aspect of) the stimulus. Non-psych occurrences of the verbs are not excluded from the database but marked as such to make a comparison possible. Data of this kind can be used to develop and test theoretical hypotheses on the properties of EO-verbs, aid in the construction of experiments as well as provide training and test data for AI systems.


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A Quantitative Approach towards German Experiencer-Object Verbs
Johanna M. Poppek | Simon Masloch | Amelie Robrecht | Tibor Kiss
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Quantitative Syntax (Quasy, SyntaxFest 2021)