Simona Ignat


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Features and Categories of Hyperbole in Cyberbullying Discourse on Social Media
Simona Ignat | Carl Vogel
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Resources and Techniques for User Information in Abusive Language Analysis

Cyberbullying discourse is achieved with multiple linguistic conveyances. Hyperboles witnessed in a corpus of cyberbullying utterances are studied. Linguistic features of hyperbole using the traditional grammatical indications of exaggerations are analyzed. The method relies on data selected from a larger corpus of utterances identified and labelled as “bullying”, from Twitter, from October 2020 to March 2022. An outcome is a lexicon of 250 entries. A small number of lexical level features have been isolated, and chi-squared contingency tests applied to evaluating their information value in identifying hyperbole. Words or affixes indicating superlatives or extremes of scales, with positive but not negative valency items, interact with hyperbole classification in this data set. All utterances extracted has been considered exaggerations and the stylistic status of “hyperbole” has been commented within the frame of new meanings in the context of social media.