Sitong Yang


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Review and analysis of China workshop on machine translation 2013 evaluation
Sitong Yang | Heng Yu | Hongmei Zhao | Qun Liu | Yajuan Lü
Proceedings of the 11th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas: MT Researchers Track

This paper gives a general review and detailed analysis of China Workshop on Machine Translation (CWMT) Evaluation. Compared with the past CWMT evaluation campaigns, CWMT2013 evaluation is characterized as follows: first, adopting gray-box evaluation which makes the results more replicable and controllable; second, adding one rule-based system as a counterpart; third, carrying out manual evaluations on some specific tasks to give a more comprehensive analysis of the translation errors. Boosted by those new features, our analysis and case study on the evaluation results shows the pros and cons of both rule-based and statistical systems, and reveals some interesting correlations bewteen automatic and manual evaluation metrics on different translation systems.