Siyi Wang


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Instance-Guided Prompt Learning for Few-Shot Text Matching
Jia Du | Xuanyu Zhang | Siyi Wang | Kai Wang | Yanquan Zhou | Lei Li | Qing Yang | Dongliang Xu
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2022

Few-shot text matching is a more practical technique in natural language processing (NLP) to determine whether two texts are semantically identical. They primarily design patterns to reformulate text matching into a pre-trained task with uniform prompts across all instances. But they fail to take into account the connection between prompts and instances. This paper argues that dynamically strengthening the correlation between particular instances and the prompts is necessary because fixed prompts cannot adequately fit all diverse instances in inference. We suggest IGATE: Instance-Guided prompt leArning for few-shoT tExt matching, a novel pluggable prompt learning method. The gate mechanism used by IGATE, which is between the embedding and the PLM encoders, makes use of the semantics of instances to regulate the effects of the gate on the prompt tokens. The experimental findings show that IGATE achieves SOTA performance on MRPC and QQP, outperforming strong baselines. GitHub will host the release of codes.