Soonwon Ka


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HyperT5: Towards Compute-Efficient Korean Language Modeling
Dongju Park | Soonwon Ka | Kang Min Yoo | Gichang Lee | Jaewook Kang
Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 5: Industry Track)

Pretraining and fine-tuning language models have become the standard practice in industrial natural language processing (NLP), but developing and deploying general-purpose language models without the abundant computation or data resources is a real-world issue faced by smaller organizations or communities whose main focus is languages with less accessible resources (e.g., non-English). This paper explores the sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) language model architecture as a more practical and compute-efficient alternative to the decoder-oriented approach (e.g., GPT-3), accompanied by novel findings in compute-optimality analyses. We successfully trained billion-scale Korean-language seq2seq language models that strongly outperform other competitive models in Korean benchmarks. Moreover, we demonstrate that such language models can be more efficiently utilized by employing a heavy pre-finetuning strategy, by showcasing a case study on dialog-task adaptation. Our case study shows that adopting language models with more readily available domain-specific unlabeled data greatly improves fine-tuning data efficiency in low-resource settings.