Souhir Gabiche Gahbiche


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ON-TRAC’ systems for the IWSLT 2021 low-resource speech translation and multilingual speech translation shared tasks
Hang Le | Florentin Barbier | Ha Nguyen | Natalia Tomashenko | Salima Mdhaffar | Souhir Gabiche Gahbiche | Benjamin Lecouteux | Didier Schwab | Yannick Estève
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT 2021)

This paper describes the ON-TRAC Consortium translation systems developed for two challenge tracks featured in the Evaluation Campaign of IWSLT 2021, low-resource speech translation and multilingual speech translation. The ON-TRAC Consortium is composed of researchers from three French academic laboratories and an industrial partner: LIA (Avignon Université), LIG (Université Grenoble Alpes), LIUM (Le Mans Université), and researchers from Airbus. A pipeline approach was explored for the low-resource speech translation task, using a hybrid HMM/TDNN automatic speech recognition system fed by wav2vec features, coupled to an NMT system. For the multilingual speech translation task, we investigated the us of a dual-decoder Transformer that jointly transcribes and translates an input speech. This model was trained in order to translate from multiple source languages to multiple target ones.