Stefan Borgwardt


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Logic-Guided Message Generation from Raw Real-Time Sensor Data
Ernie Chang | Alisa Kovtunova | Stefan Borgwardt | Vera Demberg | Kathryn Chapman | Hui-Syuan Yeh
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Natural language generation in real-time settings with raw sensor data is a challenging task. We find that formulating the task as an end-to-end problem leads to two major challenges in content selection – the sensor data is both redundant and diverse across environments, thereby making it hard for the encoders to select and reason on the data. We here present a new corpus for a specific domain that instantiates these properties. It includes handover utterances that an assistant for a semi-autonomous drone uses to communicate with humans during the drone flight. The corpus consists of sensor data records and utterances in 8 different environments. As a structured intermediary representation between data records and text, we explore the use of description logic (DL). We also propose a neural generation model that can alert the human pilot of the system state and environment in preparation of the handover of control.