Sumbal Naz


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FJWU Participation for the WMT21 Biomedical Translation Task
Sumbal Naz | Sadaf Abdul Rauf | Sami Ul Haq
Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Machine Translation

In this paper we present the FJWU’s system submitted to the biomedical shared task at WMT21. We prepared state-of-the-art multilingual neural machine translation systems for three languages (i.e. German, Spanish and French) with English as target language. Our NMT systems based on Transformer architecture, were trained on combination of in-domain and out-domain parallel corpora developed using Information Retrieval (IR) and domain adaptation techniques.


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FJWU participation for the WMT20 Biomedical Translation Task
Sumbal Naz | Sadaf Abdul Rauf | Noor-e- Hira | Sami Ul Haq
Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Machine Translation

This paper reports system descriptions for FJWU-NRPU team for participation in the WMT20 Biomedical shared translation task. We focused our submission on exploring the effects of adding in-domain corpora extracted from various out-of-domain sources. Systems were built for French to English using in-domain corpora through fine tuning and selective data training. We further explored BERT based models specifically with focus on effect of domain adaptive subword units.