Sungryong Koh


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A test suite for evaluation of English-to-Korean machine translation systems
Sungryong Koh | Jinee Maeng | Ji-Young Lee | Young-Sook Chae | Key-Sun Choi
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VIII

This paper describes KORTERM’s test suite and their practicability. The test-sets have been being constructed on the basis of fine-grained classification of linguistic phenomena to evaluate the technical status of English-to-Korean MT systems systematically. They consist of about 5000 test-sets and are growing. Each test-set contains an English sentence, a model Korean translation, a linguistic phenomenon category, and a yes/no question about the linguistic phenomenon. Two commercial systems were evaluated with a yes/no test of prepared questions. Total accuracy rates of the two systems were different (50% vs. 66%). In addition, a comprehension test was carried out. We found that one system was more comprehensible than the other system. These results seem to show that our test suite is practicable.